The First One

It’s 2018, why a blog?

I’m sitting here pondering this myself. I decided on a whim to start blogging again and set this all up around my birthday in April. I however failed to publish any posts since.

I have always been drawn to blogging and started my first official blog in 2008, 10 years ago. I probably would have become a veteran blogger now if I stuck to it.

Isn’t blogging dead?

For a few years I stopped actively reading and following blogs. It was probably around the time most bloggers focused on social media for connecting to their audience but I have found myself circling back to reading blogs.

These days I find that I read blogs for reviews, tips, recipes and all sorts of ideas.

In my day job I am a Social Media Strategist and I totally understand the importance of social media for visibility but also the balancing act that is ensuring you have your own space on the Internet.

What to expect

I created this space because I still love blogging. I love social media and see everything moving over there but I love to read long form content from the people I really like. 

Here I will be sharing thoughts, experiences and reviews. 

Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!



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